Tattoos with henna

The history of henna tattoos may be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra is said to have used henna to decorate her body, and mummies’ nails were painted with henna before burial by Egyptians. Henna tattooing has long been used to commemorate pleasant occasions or rites of passage. These are the most popular tattoo designs.

Hindu weddings use henna tattoos to represent purity, joy, beauty, happiness, and spiritual enlightenment. Moroccans use henna to adorn their doors because they think it brings wealth and wards off evil.

Tattoos from the Philippines

The beauty of nature, such as mountains and rivers, is frequently shown in Filipino tribal tattoos. The original tattoos often depicted sceneries and motifs from the artists’ childhood neighbourhoods.

During conflicts, Filipino tattoos were thought to protect men, and they might also symbolize courage or tribal rank. Repetitive, careful patterns and detailed, photo-realistic pictures were frequently employed in these tattoos.

Tattoos in Arabic

Arabic tattoos are hypnotic, elegant, and beautiful. Many individuals are drawn to the Arabic language and the typeface used in creative works. The letters are written in a lovely cursive style. Even though some Islamists feel tattoos are against their faith, many Arabs proudly display tattoos.

Arabic tattoos come in a variety of patterns and phrases. Theological tattoos, a person’s name, or spiritual sentiments or quotes are all possibilities.

Tattoos of dolphins

Friendship, belonging to a group, and peace are all symbols of dolphin tattoos. A lot of closest friends and couples have dolphin tattoos that match. Dolphins have a high level of intelligence, and dolphins were considered god-like by the ancient Greeks.

Love, happiness, companionship, fun, freedom, intellect, connection, protection, and sensitivity are some of the symbolic meanings of dolphin tattoos. The sun and the moon are represented by two dolphin tattoos drawn together, symbolising duality, collaboration, partnership, and equilibrium.

Tattoos of dragons

Dragon tattoos symbolise bravery, strength, protection, power, knowledge, and self-reliance. One of the most legendary entities in the history of folklore and mythology are these mythological creatures.

Dragons may be found in the civilizations of China, Vietnam, Japan, and several other places. Dragons are considered honourable animals in most Eastern cultures, but they are associated with darkness and evil in European civilizations.

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