Tattoo of Swallow Birds

Sailors first tattooed the swallow tattoo to show off their sailing skills. The swallow’s meaning has evolved to incorporate a variety of different things.

Travel, transformation, and you and your loved one embarking on a journey together are all symbols of the swallow tattoo. Because this tattoo is linked with swallow birds moving in a flock, it also depicts communal affection.

Tattoo of the Sun

Sun tattoos are particularly popular because the sun is both an emblem and a divinity. Some popular sun tattoo designs and their meanings are as follows:

Rising sun tattoos represent a fresh beginning or a new life.
Sun devil tattoos are a wonderful way to express one’s mischievous nature.
Sunfish tattoos are a way to pay homage to the enigmatic ocean fish. Sun tattoos from the Mola tribe represent strength, new birth, and power.
Pearl Jam’s cloud and sun tattoos are a homage to the band.
Tattoos with three stars and the sun represent a spiritual occurrence.

Moon Tattoo with a Simple Design

Power, fertility, secret wisdom, hidden abilities, and witchcraft are connected with the simple moon tattoo. Women wear this tattoo to symbolise their moon energy, intuition, divine light, sensuality, and general femininity.

The moon tattoo is associated with the following meanings: feminine mystique, cyclical nature, Wiccan beliefs, mischief, negative energy discharge, insanity, magic, creativity, astrology, darkness, the remembrance of loved ones, rarity, and development.

Tattoos with a Celtic theme

The majority of Celtic tattoo motifs blend German and Pagan traditions. Animals were tattooed on males because they were particularly significant to the Celts.

The tattoos were meant to represent protection, fury, and bravery. Some Celtic symbols, such as nature, motion, wind, and time, also indicate reverence for biological energy.

Tattoos in Kanji

Symbols or characters of Chinese origin are known as kanji in Japan, and they’re Chinese characters that have been simplified. In the United States and Europe, kanji tattoos are popular. They are exquisite and simple, compact, subtle, and striking.

Around 50,000 kanji symbols exist. The Kanji characters can be used to tattoo people’s names or the names of their loved ones.

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