Tattoo Ideas For Juggalos and Jugalettes

If you’re a dedicated juggalo, you may want to show your diehard support for the Insane Clown Posse by getting your own ICP tattoo. You can go for the popular hatchetman tattoo design, or you may decide to go for another design. Consider several different sources of inspiration when designing your unique ICP tattoo.

Juggalo, or fan of the Detroit Insane Clown Posse rap group, is one of the most hardcore music fans you will ever meet. Juggalos are known in the underground music scene, and among other things, for being so devoted to ICP and all other juggalo related acts.

So it makes sense that if you’re a serious juggalo, you might want to commemorate your fandom with an ICP tattoo, perhaps specifically a hatchetman tattoo.

In fact, if you go to a concert or serious juggalo meeting, you’ll notice that it seems that every other fan has a hatchetman tattoo or some other type of ICP tattoo. But of course, since tattoos are permanent and very individual, you should carefully consider the designs for your own juggalo tattoo. If you’re ready to get an ICP tattoo, here are some ideas for inspiration:

Hatchetman Logo:

Of course, this is one of the most popular ICP tattoo designs. A hatchetman tattoo can be done in a number of ways. You can get a hatchetman tattoo fairly easily, use a classic logo, or you can design a hatchetman tattoo that incorporates the logo into a larger design.

Consider adding some personally meaningful ICP lyrics around your hatchetman tattoo, or adding a colorful background of your choice to your hatchetman tattoo.


Don’t want a hatchetman tattoo, or have one already? Are you the most dedicated juggalo you know? Why not consider portraits for your ICP tattoo?

A portrait-centered ICP tattoo can be photorealistic, depicting Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope in great detail, or it can be a more stylish version of them in their face paint. Check out your favorite photos from the group and take them to trusted artists – intricate portrait tattoos!

Album Artwork:

ICP is known for its highly thought out album artwork, and this plus the liner note and poster designs can offer plenty of ideas for your ICP tattoo. You can try a joker card design to suit your favorite Dark Carnival album. Or, you could have a talented artist come up with a new design based on your own idea for Dark Carnival.


Maybe certain lryics about the juggalo lifestyle, or some other aspect of life, have touched you. Why not consider getting some of this ink on you for your ICP tattoo? You might get the lyrics yourself in fancy script, or you might include them in designs that involve more graphic elements.

Even though the script and fonts seem straightforward, make sure you trust your artist, because it’s harder to get the right one than it looks. And of course, double check spelling and punctuation – you don’t want your prized juggalo tattoo to be a source of shame instead of pride!

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