Tattoo Design: Don’t buy Anything until you read this

This article briefly summarizes the interesting social influences that tattoos have on young people. Already, we have school kids going straight to tattoo shops asking for tattoos. Many have since regretted their reckless decision. Includes some essential tattoo tips for your first tattoo. So, read on!

I’m Chinese. And bilingual. Unfortunately over the years my mindset has become too “westward” for my Mandarin standards to keep up with my English. So whenever my dad brings home a copy of Chinese nights every day, I would half-heartedly browse it for celebrity news related to crime or trash, which is much more interesting.

But a few days ago while lazily turning over the report, something caught my eye. Right before my eyes is an astonishing report about tattoos, a topic rarely discussed in the local media, let alone making it to tabloids circulating nationwide.

Being an admirer of tattoos and art forms, I knew I had to read the entire report. And I do. However, very slow, due to my poor command of Mandarin. (Yes, go ahead and laugh all you want.)

In the report, a local tattoo shop owner provided a real account of an “inspired” 10 year old boy who walked into the shop asking for a tattoo – at 10:30 pm! My eyes popped. Why the boy is not home in bed preparing for school the next day we will never know. The journalist also interviewed two young men who got their first tattoos when they were just 15 years old. One of them has since regretted his rash decision.

I live in Singapore where there are too many rules and regulations. But amazingly, not only are there no rules governing the minimum legal age for minor tattoos, there is also no proper registrar to track down tattoo artists.

I was really surprised to find this, to say the least. By comparison, things are much tighter in the US. Did you know that in nearly every US state, it is illegal to get a tattoo anywhere other than a licensed tattoo shop? And yes, the tattoo artist must be properly licensed.

Just imagine – we have (unwittingly) defeated America in democracy and freedom in the most unlikely of ways! I bet you were surprised, right?

But is this the right way things should be?

So what does this mean for the young and restless trying to get their first tattoo?

Well, my first suggestion is that serious thought should be given to whether to even go for a tattoo. Consider this: according to the American Society of Dermatological Surgery, 50% of the millions of Americans who get a tattoo eventually want it removed. Yes, in other words, they regret getting a tattoo.

I bet you’d rather have your tattoo proud, don’t you?

Second, if you live in an area where there is a minimum age requirement and you just happen to meet it, you should first seek advice from a trustworthy senior who has tattoos. You have to ask her clearly what is going on psychologically and emotionally as she reads herself for the tattoo. Going through this activity will help you to build the correct frame of mind to choose a suitable tattoo design for yourself.

If you are a minor when it comes to getting tattoos, chances are you will regret it right away.

Also, seek professional advice from good tattoo artists for tattoo design ideas. Check if he or she is able to design one especially for you.

For the record, the 10 year old boy was asked to be rejected by the shop owner. Phew!

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