Getting Tattoos – Suggestions for Placement

Have a great idea for a really cool tattoo?

Knowing where to place the tattoo on your body and how it complements your body type will enhance the beauty of the tattoo. Here are some suggestions on tattoo placement.

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, where you place it on your body is just as important as the tattoo. Placement is one of the important aspects of the whole tattoo design process. To achieve the best in tattooing, careful consideration must be given to the shape of the tattoo and where on the body it may be placed. For example, a long thin image looks best on an arm or leg. On the other hand, images that are roughly the same width as the height look best on larger flat areas such as the back, upper chest, chest, upper arms or behind the calves.

The size (width & length) and shape of the tattoo determine where the tattoo should be placed.

You can have one of the best tattoos in this neighborhood but if it’s on the wrong part of the body, it won’t be as good as it could be. Have you ever seen a big muscular man tied to the beach with a little sword in his bicep – it looks more like a skin blemish than a tattoo. A person like this must have a wider and fuller image that complements his muscular physique.

You have to worry about the flow of the tattoo design and how well it complements your body shape. Your body is a flat canvas with many rounded sections. Some areas of your body may be fuller or larger than others making what looks good on them look bad on you. If you are considering looking for large rounded parts of your body such as shoulders, the artwork should be such that it has curved or curved sections that compliment the roundness of the shoulders.

Determining where or how to place a tattoo takes experience.

This is where your tattoo skills are best used. An experienced tattoo artist knows and understands the importance of placement for any form of tattoo design. When getting a tattoo, discuss your plans with your employer to make sure your idea complements your body type. It is good advice to listen to your insurer, they may suggest changes to the design or placement or both to maximize the beauty of the tattoo.

Are you thinking about having a hanger or barbed wire tattooed around your neck?

Maybe you are a woman thinking the long stem of a rose wrapping around your lower leg is cute. Maybe you’ve thought about having the four letter word tatted on your fingers. Before you get this natural tattoo make sure your lifestyle will support radical tattoo ideas. Sure residents have a greater acceptance of tattoos than ever before but hiring managers, father / mother-in-law and others will think badly of this kind of tattoo decision. The best advice anyone can give is to place your tattoo in an area that can be covered with clothing. Once you become the king of your universe, you can go with radical tattoo forms, but until then use common sense for your tattoo placement.

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